Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Pachyderm Rescue

We recently absconded with seven elephants who were not bonding with their so-called "caregiver." These creatures, sadly named collectively as just "the Girls," were shockingly tiny and fragile. They were obviously failure-to-thrive cases but they had never received medical attention.

Tragically, during our rescue mission we discovered several other disturbing scenes of abuse and neglect. We only had enough personpower to liberate the Girls, but we made certain to secure photographic evidence in order to justify future rescues.

Below are a few examples of the mistreatment that we observed. A warning to our more sensitive readers that these images may be upsetting.

Fish out of water -- literally

A serious case of malnourishment -- this moose was left with nothing to eat except for a few stale chocolate coins.

A closer look reveals the emaciated corpse of a young female elephant who was evidently tarted up to participate in beauty pageants.

This young bumblebee nearly suffocated after being left to play with a plastic bag.

The overcrowded conditions seen here aren't fit for sardines, let alone bears.

You can see the terror on the little chick's face as she and her moose-sibling are forced to live with an absolute monster.

Oh, the humanity!

To find out how you can help with future rescue missions, contact TheGirlsAreOurs@hotmail.com. Monetary donations are also welcome.

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